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"The most fun I have ever had working out!!!"

- Gail
from California

"I LOVE 567BROADWAY! Sometimes I just put it on to watch it as that weird? It's just SO MUCH FUN! LOL!!"

- Kathy
from Florida

"Joseph has this magical way of making me feel so special. This is unlike any other workout I have EVER tried. "

- Matt
from Michigan

"This is the most fun I have had exercising ever! The steps are real dance steps and there is a section that breaks them all down, which is a good workout on it's own. "

- James
from Rhode Island

"If you love Broadway you will LOVE this! I’ve been on a journey to health over the last couple of years & have lost about 140 pounds... I wish I’d had this dvd from the beginning!"

- Misti
from Georgia

"I have always been a theatre nerd and have spent time jumping around my apartment to show tunes, but I never thought that I could get a formal, consistent, and cardio-filled workout that way....that is, until I found the 567Broadway! DVD."

- Jessica
from Pennsylvania

"This is my favorite workout OF ALL TIME! It’s so fun I don’t even realize i’m sweating my booty off! If you like musicals of any kind (and even if you don’t) you will love this video. Joseph is an amazing teacher. And any level of movement will be able to do this. Love love love it!"

- Megan
from California

"ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! As a musical theater person, this workout is right up my alley! Fun, new and creative! Do yourself a favor, get the whole package (DVD, bands and hat) so you can feel like a PRO!"

- Brittany

"This video is a fun cardio workout! The music inspires to sing along and make the workout seem to go by more quickly. I purchased the band and hat as well just so I could get the band. But it turns out that the hat is a fun prop as well to get the arms moving."

- Cynthia
from Texas

"Great workout video. Loved the music selections."

- Imelda

"This is the most fun I’ve had exercising since the Jazzercise franchise closed in my neighborhood last year. I’ve tried Zumba and spin classes since then as well as the damnable treadmill and stair climber around the corner at the neighborhood gym. They were boring. I LOVE dance aerobics, but not all of them are fun or doable. I’m 73 and love every step of this workout, and it is DEFINITELY a workout for both the body and the brain."

- Karen

"I have never had as much fun exercising as I do with 567 BROADWAY! I had a huge smile on my face the entire time and was drenched in sweat from dancing my butt off!!! I hope that they make more workouts so I can dance my butt off with a huge smile to those, as well!!! Bravo!!!"

- D. J.

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You haven't lived until you've done choreographed squats to "Bend and Snap"!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Other dance workouts use boring beats, tired & generic dance moves, and low quality video. Those workouts are BORING and feel like such a chore. 567BROADWAY! harnesses the JOY of dance and the power of music by combining EXCLUSIVE RECORDINGS of your favorite BROADWAY HITS with CREATIVE DANCE MOVES that make you forget that you are even working out, all while getting a full-body workout!

  • Good Morning Baltimore (Hairspray

  • Bend and Snap (Legally Blonde

  • Born To Hand Jive (Grease

  • You Can’t Stop the Beat (Hairspray

  • I’m A Brass Band (Sweet Charity

  • One (A Chorus Line

  • We Go Together (Grease)

  • Begin & End (Brand New!) 

567BROADWAY! is for EVERYONE! Folks of all shapes, sizes, genders, dance abilities, ages, you name it, love 567BROADWAY! As Joseph tells his live class, “The more you do it, the more you get it. As long as you are moving I am happy.” PLUS when you purchase 567BROADWAY! you get 7 BONUS VIDEOS where Joseph breaks the video down step-by-step. These videos are called 567STEPS and they are the perfect way to get in some extra rehearsal time and learn modifications so that you can do what is right for you when dancing along with Joseph and the cast.

You bet!  Everything in 567BROADWAY! was created by Broadway talent!  Joseph Corella, the creator and star of 567BROADWAY! is a former Broadway dancer.  The executive producer (and Joseph's husband), Jonathan Sandler, is also a former Broadway dancer.  PLUS all of the songs for 567BROADWAY! are exclusive recordings by Broadway singers, including Tony Award winner Annaleigh Ashford, Frozen's Caroline Bowman,  Abby Mueller, Danny Quadrino and so many more!  AND the music supervisor for 567BROADWAY! is none other than Will Van Dyke, the music director of Pretty Woman on Broadway!

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